REO Listings Services

As trusted advisors to asset managers and bank representatives, the Idaho Summit Real Estate offers the finest REO Listing Services in the Great State of Idaho. We understand the need to respond quickly, communicate effectively, and market actively.

We realize the difficulty that asset managers encounter as they manage a portfolio of properties that they have never seen. We strive to be a dependable set of eyes and ears at ground level, providing honest and frank feedback to assist in accomplishing goals and hitting targets. In such instances it is all too easy to simply put a sign in the yard, assume everything is somebody else’s problem, and wait for the phone to ring. We work on a different level.

Our REO Listing Services are managed with the goal of selling the property for the highest possible value in the shortest amount of time. Our rapid-response REO team assures the highest level of service; properties actively listed on the local MLS, marketed online, pictures taken, listing notebook at property, lockbox installed, high-quality 6 foot sign posted in yard, and virtual tour completed.  Any delay costs our clients money, which is unacceptable for the level of service required.

We stand behind our work and promise to do what we say. We customize our services for each asset manager that we work with to make sure we are providing the level of service that they need and deserve.

In this regard, we offer the following market-leading REO Listing Services:

  • Enthusiastic and creative approach to marketing property of all types and conditions
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a positive, proactive approach
  • Solid understanding of current market conditions and trends
  • Maintain monthly billings with adequate cash flow reserves
  • Secure and provide general maintenance to listed properties
  • Electronically submit forms and periodic reports
  • Provide property management to occupied properties
  • Obtain bids and coordinate work with licensed service personnel
  • Manage properties through the eviction process and attend court if needed
  • Follow-up with all potential buyer contacts
  • Exceptional negotiation skills
  • Rapid response (24 hour rush) BPO service
  • Repair bids, trash-outs, winterization, lawn maintenance
  • Cash for keys
  • Carry smart-phones for instant mobile capabilities


Our team is prepared to take on any assignments you need completed.