Building a new home seems like a fairly simple process.  You just talk to a builder and they build what you want, right?  Well, it would be nice if it were so easy.

The new construction process is more complex than one would realize.  Our goal is to make the process include few surprises.  Surprises on your birthday are good.  But surprises when building a home are not so good.  Unfortunately, there are usually more surprises when you build a house than on your birthday.  Our goal is to change that comparison, and make your home building experience exciting, but lacking surprises.

There are many ways to build construct a new home.  There are large-volume builders that you can select, as well as low-volume custom home builders.  There are large developments with a handful of options for floor plans, to sitting down with a draftsmen and designing your own future paradise.  Each of these situations has its own sets of processes and complications.  We would love to help guide you through the process and represent you with the builder of your dream home.  We are confident that we can help save you money in the process, as well as make it as surprise-free and enjoyable as possible.