Buyer Services

Our buyer services are targeted at delivering what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect home for your needs and to manage the transaction to minimize your stress and effort. Our services are summarized as follows:



Our website is the best start to searching for a new home. We hope that the community information will assist you in figuring out which area of town you would most like to live. Our search tools offer the ability to search active MLS listings and view additional information. Most helpful is the online organizer that allows for saving properties and taking notes for future research. Also, feel free to contact us at any time with questions.


Personalized Searching

When you are ready to refine your searching and are ready to set out your timeline for the purchase of your new home, we provide personalized searching of the MLS to find the best fits for you to consider. We can provide these search results for your review by email or standard mail with color prints. At this point of research it is time to start looking at houses!


Showing Assistance

Nothing helps in your home search more than getting inside a few homes and seeing what is out there. As we go through this process we come to learn exactly what you are looking for and what is most important to you. This allows us to narrow options and perform even more specific searches to find the perfect fit. Showing assistance is by appointment and can take place at your convenience.


Market Research

Once you have decided on a few options (or have even found the ONE you want) we will help you understand current market conditions so you can make the best possible offer. We prepare comparative market data for you so you know what other homes in the area have sold for and can make an informed decision about making an offer.


Contract Preparation

Once the decision has been made, we assist you by preparing the contract to make an offer. Because of our understanding of the process and appreciation for the importance of contract terms, we help you begin the transaction on the right foot. The contract lays out all the parameters for the entire transaction and sets in motion the process to purchase your new home.



We negotiate on your behalf with the agent selling the home to finalize terms that you are happy with and that result in a fair process for all parties involved.


Constant Communication

Making sure you feel comfortable with your home buying process is of critical importance to us. We make every effort to communicate effectively with you throughout the entire process. By maintaining open lines of communication, we make sure the home-buying process will be enjoyable and fun for you.


Management of Transaction

Once a contract is signed and all terms are agreed upon, there is still much work to do. We manage all aspects of this process, including coordination of title & escrow, lending, and the home inspection process.



Our buyer services, as outlined above, are offered to our clients at no out-of-pocket cost. We provide our buyer services with the agreement that we will collect our fees from the listing real estate broker at the close of a transaction. When a home is listed on the Multiple Listing Service, part of that listing generally includes a compensation agreement for any real estate broker who brings a buyer for that property. In short, the listing real estate broker is offering payment to whoever brings a buyer for the home and has it close.