Star, Idaho Real Estate

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Skirting the northwest section of the Treasure Valley are the uniquely rural communities of Star and Middleton. This is one of the fastest growing areas in Idaho. Surrounded by farmland, this region is within easy commuting distance of surrounding cities in the Boise City Metropolis. The area’s economy is based on agriculture and the supporting industries.


Star was named by travelers using the star decorating the rural schoolhouse to orient themselves to east and west. Star has kept her name and is becoming a true lodestar promising to celebrate the authentic lifestyle of small-town Idaho.

Star residents enjoy the rural atmosphere of the Boise River flowing to their south with fishing, hunting, mountain biking, kayaking and river rafting within 45 minutes from home.

Star is in the West Ada County School District.

Popular subdivisions are springing up in the Star area and are a desirous destination for those searching for an affordably calm lifestyle close to the amenities of a large city.

Star has recently developed its first official park. City plans are progressing for adding a playground and sports fields. How exciting to be on the ground floor influencing this developmental process.